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It is a new open-source and open-structured simulator with three major features – Scalability, which enables to capture both physical and operational elements of the industry, Modularity, which ensures the modelling efficiency without losing flexibility, and Multi-fidelity, which enables the modeling to balance between reality and simplicity for large scale applications.

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Physical elements are considered for small and medium systems, i.e., layout, equipment configurations and traffic.


Simulation library is open-structured with high level of modularity.


Easy modelling to reuse and accumulate knowledge, data composable and trackable in simulation steps.

Operational Elements

The model ensures large system to incorporate elements which highly associate with performance, i.e., operation strategies and activities.

Efficient Modelling

No extra operation work or handling resources, and achieve efficiency without losing flexibility.

Multi-fidelity Models

Provide simulation model that enables a single large system to be studied with various interests.

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