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About O²DES.Net

O2DES.NET is an Object-Oriented Discrete Event Simulator with .NET Framework. It is a native object-oriented program package that fully utilizes abstraction, inheritance, polymorphism and delegation, to ease the modeling procedure and define relationships among modules and various model components.

It is different from many commercial and open-source simulation packages that implement activity-based formalism, the kernel of the O2DES.Net framework is event-based. This is to ensure maximum flexibility to describe any sophisticated logics in real-life operations.

On top of the event-based kernel, a state-based formalism is adopted to encapsulate properties and behaviors from sub-systems, so as to increase the reusability of the developed models. This tremendously improved modeling efficiency and enabled system modeling at multi-fidelity levels.

Through carefully defined input/output events, an O2DES.Net simulation module is able to behave indifferently from an activity-based model. Moreover, it is incorporated with higher flexibility to tackle a situation involving a non-standardized protocol for the transition between activities.

Li Haobin is the developer of O2DES.NET back in 2016.

He is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Industrial Systems Engineering and Management, National University of Singapore.
He received his B.Eng. degree (1st Class Honors) in 2009 from the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at National University of Singapore, with minor in computer science; and Ph.D. degree from the same department in 2014.

His research interests lies in the following areas:
Operations Research, &
Simulation Optimization, and
Designing high performance optimization tools with application on logistics and maritime studies.