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Step 1: Prepare for C# Programming Environment


PART Ⅰ. Visual Studio 2017

1. Download and install Visual Studio Community 2017


2. Under "Workloads": Tick “.NET desktop development" and others if needed


3. Under "Individual Components": Tick "Class Designer" and others if needed


4. Under Language packs: Tick the desired languages and click “Install” to start installation


5. After successful installation, click "Launch" to start Visual Studio

6. Click "Sign in" using Microsoft/Azure or click “Not now, maybe later“ to skip first

sign in

7. Select your preferred color theme

8. File-> New -> Project to start your new project


9. Under "Visual C# -> Windows Classic Desktop": Select the type of the project to be “Console App (.NET Framework)"

10. Key in the name of the project and Click "OK" to start project


11. Key in "Console.WriteLine(“Hello World”);" in Main function


12. Under menu Debug -> Start Without Debugging Or press Ctrl+F5, compile and run program


PART Ⅱ. Template & NuGet

Download O2DES.NET Template

1.Download Simulation

2.Store to local directory: Documents\Visual Studio\2017\Templates\ItemTemplates\Visual C#

2.Restart Visual Studio 2017

  • Template is used as a model for programming, it does not include framework library
  • You only need to download Template once for each PC
  • Open solution for O2DES model, with internet being connected
  • Click menu:  Tools -> NuGet Package  Manager -> Manage NuGet  Packages for Solutions
  • Click Browse in the NuGet Windows
  • Search “o2des” in the textbox
  • Choose O2DESNet, then tick projects that need the library in dialog box
  • Click Install

You need to import the library for every simulation project.

  • Wait for downloading
  • As shown from the graph, when downloaded symbol appears and output window shows “Finished”, downloading is successful
  • Right-Click projects in the Solution
  • Choose Add -> New Item
  • Select O2DESNet Module in the dialog window
  • Type name of the file (module) in textbox, then click Add