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2017.12 东北大学教程讲义

0- Visual Studio C# 开发环境

1- C# 语言面向对象编程基础

2- O2DES.NET 离散事件仿真建模案例介绍:港口仿真

3 – 系统分解与模块化建模 (案例介绍:模块化仿真 )

4 – 数学规划与嵌入式优化仿真

5 – 基于仿真的搜索优化算法论文

6 – 最优算力分配和并行计算

7 – XML 数据存储与图形化演示 (案例介绍:WPF图形演示


仿真模板下载:O2DESNet (适用于O2DES.NET 2.4.1)

Google OR Tool 动态库下载:Google.OrTools

参考书:C# Programming



He is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Industrial Systems Engineering and Management, National University of Singapore. He received his B.Eng. degree (1st Class Honors) in 2009 from the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at National University of Singapore, with minor in computer science; and Ph.D. degree from the same department in 2014. He has research interests in operations research, simulation optimization and designing high performance optimization tools with application on logistics and maritime studies.

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